Polysulfide Spongecloth Sleeves

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Spongecloth Sleeves for IG production and correction of polysufide on corners

Experienced HARREXCO employees manufacture these sleeves in-house. We also deliver worldwide as OEM to wellknown companies. All sleeves undergo a stringent 3-fold quality control. Only HARREXCO sleeves have the high-quality triple seam with thread-lock.The sleeves are packed in a polyethylene bag, standard bags contain 8pcs polysulfide-correction-sleeves. Customized variations and packaging are possible. Sleeves for triple-glazing can be manufactured with different lengths.


4mm Spongecloth with nylon reinforcement gauze
► Standard inside diameter 30mm, customized versions available
► Standard length 68mm and 108mm, customized versions available
► Standard packaging: 2000pcs per carton