Butyl Application / Edge Sealing

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Maschine Specs:

Butyl Hotmeltapplicators - Uninterruptable

► Servo controlled XYZ System mit Servo-Dosinghead, Tolerance +/-0,1mm
► Heatingtemperature 110°C-140°C, antidrop-nozzle
► Automatic LASER cross-section and height control
► Automatic tolerance adjustment via 2 substrate sensors
► Uninterruptable 2-barrel operations for 20l or 200l barrels
► GUI with programmable recipes / MES-connection
► Automatic interface communication
► Cycle-time 35s per module, depending on size


HARREXCO Butyl Application

Butyltape Applicators

Gantry or Robot
► Automatic positioning, tolerance +/-0,1mm
► Toolchange system
► Recepies can be edited and saved
► Anti-delamination technology
► Automatic quantity surveillance
► Automatic tension surveillance
► Automatic tape-cutting and repositioning
► Edge recipe adjustable

Butyl Application
Butyl Application